Using PUA Books To Improve Your Dating Game

man and woman embracingFor a lot of men, getting a date is just not very easy. Indeed, many guys end up having to go through rejection after rejection and many bad first dates from hell before they are able to get with the women of their dreams.

That being said, a lot of guys are looking for ways to improve their attraction game through reading what are known as “PUA Books” which is short short for pick-up-artist books, in other words books penned by men who claim to be pick-up masters who have all the secrets for attracting and winning over the most beautiful of females.

One of the most popular of these pick-up books is a program called Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box, which claims that there are actually 8 specific types of women that men will meet on the dating scene and that each “type” requires a certain pick up approach. While that may all sound complex, the neat thing about this particular course is that it provides users with a special profiling tool that they can use to quickly tell what type a woman is, as well as what one can think of as ìcliff notesî on how to go about wooing that type of a female.

You may ask yourself “am I the sort of guy who would benefit from reading pick up guide or watch DVD programs on this topic?” That is a good question. My answer is: probably.

You see, it all depends on how good or bad your game is right now. My advice would be to follow the following protocol to improve your game:

First, fix your looks. People say that looks are not important but people who say that are either old or have been out of the dating game for way too long. Looks are important because they show the other person that you take care of yourself and know that they mean something to you because you took the time to look good for them. Women love a man who knows how to dress. Impress your date with a nice coat or sport coat, or snazzy casual outfit with a jacket. Accessories are just as important as the outfit you wear. Wear your best watch and nicest pair of shoes for the date.

Once you have the look down pat, show intelligence and wit by keeping the conversation going or with witty jokes. Women love a man who is both intelligent and has a sense of humor. Who says chivalry is gone? You can bring a gift or bouquet of flowers for your date to show her that you care. These are just a few ways to impress any beautiful lady you meet.

If those first two steps don’t work then I would certainly recommend investing in a book or two and reading up on this subject matter. After all, the more you know the better position you will be in when your dream girl comes into your life!